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Double "R" Border Collies
Hwy. 362 Victoria Vale, Nova Scotia, Canada
Phone: 902-825-4596 Cell: 902-825-8481

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Training Your Border Collie
"Roy's Training: Dog and Owner"


Herding Training

Double "R" offers specialized training for beginner and intermediate dogs whose owners are seeking to develop, expand and refine the herding skills that the border collie has become known for around the world. Pictured here is Double "R" Max pushing the sheep to his owner Katy Touchette.

Farm Use and
General Obedience Training

For farm owners Roy is available to train your Border Collie in the specific skills that farm owners require in the day to day operations of their farms, including herding. And for the family pet owner, his assistance in general behavior and obedience can optimize the dog, owner and family relationships making everyone happy.
Jeff and Queen

Joanne and Nemo.

Paula and Orka.

Tara and Pipp.

Greg and Bailey.

Scott and Marco.(spanish water dog)

Steve and Fly.

Dan training with his dog.

Pat training with Double R Gibson

Ken training with his dog.

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