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Double "R" Border Collies
Rte 10, New Albany, Nova Scotia, Canada
Phone: 902-825-4596 Cell: 902-825-8481

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The Story of Double "R" Border Collies
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Meet Roy Robinson

Roy, pictured here with some of the Double "R" dogs, has been a Maritimer all his life. He is best known for raising and training horses, specifically Appaloosas, and is now pursuing his love of Border Collies. Breeding and training of his dogs occupies most of his time, but he still raises sheep, trains horses and keeps an active flock of lambs, wild turkeys and ducks.

The Name Double R

The name Double "R", simply Roy Robinson, was widely known for many years for the Appaloosas that Roy raised and trained. Retiring from the "horse training" after seeing a dog training video awhile back, he thought it would be interesting to raise and train herding dogs. He and his farm now concentrate on the border collies and related farm animals. Scottie, Roger, Bud and Lucy are pictured here.

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