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Double "R" Border Collies
Hwy. 362 Victoria Vale, Nova Scotia, Canada
Phone: 902-825-4596 Cell: 902-825-8481

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Having Fun with the Dogs
Roy's dogs have found wonderful homes from coast to coast. Here we see just a few, not only at work but having fun as well.

"Otis jumping through small hoop"

"Otis jumping through large hoop"

Split and Becky.

Split and Becky.

Split and Becky.

Maggie with Macall "SETS"

Maggie "SHOOTS"

Maggie "SCORES"




Becky and Split having fun.

Out to scout for sheep

Scottie on Boat with Sheep

Otis working.

Scottie and Lucy on the Island

Sydney looking for Sheep.

Exercising Dogs

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