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Double "R" Border Collies
1539 Hwy 362 Victoria Vale Nova Scotia Canada
Phone: 902-825-4596 Cell: 902-825-8481

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Double "R" Dog Demonstrations
Sorry we are not doing Demo`s anymore.
I would like to thank the people in the list below for having us do Demo`s for them.

Come watch Roy work with his Border Collies at one of the shows he offers at local and regional fairs and exhibitions. He puts his sheep and ducks through a course demonstrating herding with dogs in varying stages of training, i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced. Lucy, Otis, Duncan and Scottie are just 4 dogs you may see at work. Roy involves the children of the audience as well, selecting 6 to stand in a row while his dogs are directed to weave his ducks around them. The next challenge for the dogs is to put the ducks through a course of ramps, slides and culverts. When the show is over, Roy is pleased to let his audience visit with the dogs, giving them their rewards as well. If you would like Roy to come to your event just email him to discuss dates and arrangements.

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Annapolis Valley Exhibition

Click on the image to see "The Big Picture"

Ducks over the bridge

Double "R" dogs at South Shore Exhibition

lucy working

Ducks up the ramp

bess working

Scottie at roundup time

Maggie on the Basketball court!!
jill working

Roger bringing sheep home

On to the next obstacle

Down the ramp please

Into the Tunnel you guys

Double "R" Demonstration past Appearances
Prince Co Exhibition Alberton, P E I
Old Home Week Charlottetown, P E I
Annapolis Valley Exhibition, Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia
Shelburne exhibition Shelburne N. S.
Cape Breton Co. Exhibition North Sydney
Berwick Gala Day Berwick, NS
Maritime Fall Fair Halifax N S
South Shore Exhibition, Bridgeewater, N. S.
Old Home week Woodstock N. B.
Western Nova Scotia Exhibition Yarmouth N. S.
Hants County Exhibition Windsor N. S.
Napan Fair Napan N. B.
Digby County Exhibition Bear River N. S.
Cumberland County Exhibition Oxford N. S.
Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition Antigonish N. S.
Queens County Exhibition Caledonia N. S.
Westmorland County Fair Petitcodiac N. B.
Port Elgin Agricultural Fair Port Elgin N. B.
Kent County Fair St. Marie-de-Kent N. B.
Albert County Faif Albert N. B.
Miramichi Agricultural Ex. Miramichi N. B.
Atlantic National Ex. Saint John N. B.

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