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Double "R" Border Collies
Rte 362, Victoria Vale, Nova Scotia, Canada

Roy Robinson
Breeder & Trainer

1539 Hwy. 362
Victoria Vale , Nova Scotia B0S 1P0
Ph: 902 825-8481
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Come visit us, see the puppies and watch their parents work.
Just call me at 902-825-4596 to arrange a visit.

Roy Robinson has been a breeder in Nova Scotia
for 18 years He now lives in Victoria Vale
just outside the Annapolis Valley town of Middleton
He breeds, raises and trains Border Collies in
harmony with a few Sheep and ducks
on his small farm.

We are not doing any more herding demonstrations or Shows.I am not doing any more lessons or training for the general public, but if anyone gets a Pup from me I will help them get the Pup started on Sheep.
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" News From Double "R"

Roy Honored by Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada Hall of Fame
Roy Robinson was inducted into the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada Hall of Fame. The nomination came at the Awards Night for the National Convention held in Sussex, New Brunswick. Pictured at the National Convention, left to right, are Bill desBarres, Donna Wyatt, Roy, Theresa Steele,and Mervin Veinot.
Congratulations Roy !
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